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Barbershop Quartet Illustration.  Detailed, whimsical music themes by illustrator Jim Harris.

Old Fashioned Kitchen.  Nostalgic children’s illustration by Jim Harris.  From the children’s book 'The Trouble With Cauliflower.'

Cute Raccoon.  Realistic humor for magazine illustrations by illustrator Jim Harris.

Santa’s Elves and the Nutcracker.  Detailed Christmas illustration for holiday greeting cards by Jim Harris.

Catch & Release fishing illustration.  Humorous realism for children’s book illustrations.  From ‘Three Little Dinosaurs’ written and illustrated by Jim Harris.

Pirate Puppy.  Cute, colorful animal characters for kids books.  Realistic illustration by Jim Harris for the counting book ‘Ten Little Puppies.’

Weightlifting Dinosaur Illustration.  Funny sports art…  for a whimsical touch on a heavy subject.  From the illustration portfolio of Jim Harris.

Koala Takes a Taste.  Whimsical watercolor art from childrens books.  Created especially for picky eaters by illustrator Jim Harris.

Javelina Paints His Mailbox.  Light-hearted whimsical illustration by Jim Harris.  From the best-selling Southwestern fairytale ‘The Three Little Javelinas.’

Moon Monster.  Monsters that aren’t scary… in light-hearted realism by children’s illustrator Jim Harris.

Duck Plumber.  Silly art for silly books.  A Jim Harris illustration specialty.

Giant Chef.  Whimsical caricature illustration for the childrens picture book ‘Jack and the Giant,’ written and illustrated by Jim Harris.

Cowboy Moving Day.  Funny characters in funny scenes.  Humorous illustration by Jim Harris from the children’s book ‘Slim and Miss Prim.’

Australian Tree House.  Whimsical nature scenes in colorful watercolor from the portfolio of children’s illustrator Jim Harris.


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Jim Harris Illustrator.  Detailed whimsical illustrations and playful animal characters from award-winning children’s books.