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‘At Badgers House’  Original fantasy illustration by Jim Harris from Wind in the Willows.  Oil and acrylic artwork in traditional fantasy styles.

‘Rana de Lagoon’  Magical fantasy art for children by illustrator Jim Harris.  Communication Arts Award of Excellence and Society of Illustrators Award of Merit

‘The House of Boulders’  Fantasy artwork in oil and acrylic by illustrator Jim Harris.  Detailed fantasy illustration for books and posters.

‘Rose Fairy’  Fantasy fairy painting in watercolor by artist Jim Harris.  Award-winning illustrations for books, calendars, and fantasy art collectors.

‘Treebeard & Hobbits’  Classic fantasy art from popular books.  Detailed illustrations of fantasy scenes in oil, acrylic and watercolor by Jim Harris.

‘Red Riding Hood’  Fantasy paintings in detailed, realistic watercolor and acrylic by artist Jim Harris.  Original fantasy illustrations and collector’s art.

‘The Ugly Duckling’  Original fantasy illustration by artist Jim Harris.  Detailed art for calendars, books and private collectors.

‘Green Witch’  Acrylic painting by illustrator Jim Harris.  Original artwork from classic literature for publishers of children’s and adult fantasy collectibles.

‘Sleeping Man Illustration’  Society of Illustrators medal winner.  Jim Harris illustration portfolio.

‘Sea Fairy’  Detailed fantasy artwork in monochrome by award-winning illustrator, Jim Harris.  Fantasy paintings by commission for private collectors and fantasy publishers.

‘Straw For Sale’  Detailed fantasy art from classic children’s literature.  Original realistic fantasy illustrations by illustrator Jim Harris.


All Images © 2009 Jim Harris. All Rights Reserved

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Jim Harris Illustrator.  Award-winning fantasy art for books, posters, and private fantasy art collectors.  Classic fairytale illustrations and detailed original fantasy paintings.