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See the cute puppies Jim Harris painted for the newest wiggly-eyeball book, Ten Little Puppies.  Ten puppies that can’t seem to stay out of mischief.  And at the end… something special for the mail-carrier in your life!

Take a sneak peek into the new Cajun fairytale, Jacques and de Beanstalk.  Original Cajun art by illustrator Jim Harris.

‘Beagle Sailor’ from the kids’ counting book Ten Little Puppies.  Reading, writing, and math ACTIVITIES for students with colorful art from Jim Harris picture books.

Welcome to the Jim Harris Activity Page.  Here are loads of fun and easy-to-do activities for building students’ skills in math, language, and art.  Each activity is illustrated with art from Jim Harris's popular children’s picture books.

Achievement certificates for children who have sucessfully read a book, learned to count, learned to write numbers, or learned to recognize dog breeds.Art for Bulletin Boards from Jim Harris children’s books.

Colorful Circle-the-number worksheets from Jim Harris picture books.Coloring pages from popular picture books illustrated by Jim Harris.

Try a few Jim Harris enrichment worksheets for connecting picture books with basic learning activities.Dog breed flashcards featuring Jim Harris art.

Just for fun… send a Jim Harris greeting card… with art from a Jim Harris picture book.Paper for writing a friendly letter… with full-color art from Jim Harris picture books.  Pictures of dogs and more.

Number Cards for practicing counting, and learning to recognize numerals.Two-piece Number Puzzles to print and play! Perfect for Classroom or Homeschool Use.

Number Tracer worksheets for learning to write the numbers 0 to 10.  Colorful art from Jim Harris picture books.  Useful for homeschools and classroom settings.Story-writing paper for student writing assignments, with beautiful detailed artwork from Jim Harris picture book illustrations.

Have fun with worksheets for counting, writing numbers, drawing shapes, and enjoy some coloring pages based on Jim’s original sketches for his picture books.  Print out some beautifully illustrated lined writing paper and some friendly letter stationery – for all ages of kids and adults. 

For classroom variety try a fun unit on dog breeds, with a colorful bulletin board display showcasing ten popular breeds, plus puppy flashcards and number puzzles, all taken from Jim & Marian Harris’s counting book, Ten Little Puppies.  Top off the unit with an official  Dog Breed Expert certificate for each young achiever.


Motivate your students with beautiful achievement certificates celebrating milestones like I Can Count to Ten!, I Can READ All the Numbers from 1 to 10!, and I Can WRITE All the Numbers from 1 to 10!.  Illustrated with puppy art, these are awards children and parents will be proud to show to friends and display at home.

Don’t forget to try the new enrichment worksheets, including I Can Decide! and I Can Match Shapes! Each worksheet is enhanced with colorful art from a Jim Harris book to keep kids excited about the learning activity.


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