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Have a look at the funny Cajun characters artist Jim Harris is creating for the newest Cajun fractured fairytale:  Jacques and de Beanstalk.

Print some coloring pages of funny animal characters from Jim Harris picture books.

Meet some of the adorable puppies from Jim Harris’s new wiggly-eyeball picture book, Ten Little Puppies.


Number Tracers

With cute animals from Jim Harris books!

Print out some fun and easy number tracers with colorful characters from Jim Harris picture books. 

Ten Little Puppies Number Tracers
If your students love dogs, they’ll enjoy these number tracers based on the cute doggie illustrations for the wiggly-eyeball counting book, Ten Little Puppies. One line of number-tracing, one line of independent number-writing (with handy starting dots), and a line for writing the student’s name.

Dog Number Tracer Zero – Baby Bulldog Dog Number Tracer One – Mischievous German Shepherd Dog Number Tracer Two – Rodeo Border Collie

Dog Number Tracer Three – Yorkshire Terrier Goes Caving Dog Number Tracer Four – Poodle Goes Rock Climbing Dog Number Tracer Five – Surfing Newfoundland

Dog Number Tracer Six – An Irish Setter Archer Dog Number Tracer Seven – Husky in the Snow Dog Number Tracer Eight – Dalmation Fire-House Mascot

Dog Number Tracer Nine – Beagle Pirates  (Ship Ahoy!) Dog Number Tracer Ten – Jumping Dachshund


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