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Take a peek at the funny Cajun characters Jim Harris is creating for the newest Cajun fractured fairytale:  Jacques and de Beanstalk.

Print out some coloring pages of Jim Harris animal characters.  Have fun coloring and painting an actual picture-book sketch.


Jim's Greeting Cards

Something cheerful...  Something cute... 

Something funny...  What will suit?

‘Jackrabbit Makes His Boast’  from the Southwestern fairy tale, The Tortoise and The Jackrabbit,  illustrated by Jim Harris.


Choose a card that fits how you feel!


1. Print your card on regular 8 ½ x 11 inch paper, 

2. Fold in half...    And half again

3. Sign...

4. And send! 



‘You’re My Cookie Monster’ Greeting Card featuring the Jim Harris Mouse from Ten Little Puppies. ‘I’m Falling For You’ Greeting Card featuring the rock-climbing poodle from Ten Little Puppies. ‘I’m Sorry You Had a Bad Day’ Greeting Card featuring Mort the Koala from The Trouble With Cauliflower.


‘Being Friends With You… Makes Me Happy’ Greeting Card featuring Badger and Mouse from Rapunzel, illustrated by Jim Harris.



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